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Should you need any support, feedback or suggestions you can contact us here.
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1Platform The world's unique platform that empowers artists with promotion tools, sales capabilities, and industry guidance for a successful career launch

Account deletion can be initiated from a button provided in the side menu of mobile app. This deletes the user record and any data associated with the user from our database that is not linked to purchases made by other users of platform. It includes but not limited to user record, user personal data, user products, music, albums, sales, purchases and social media information saved in our database.

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What Can I Do On 1 Platform?

Promote yourself as a creator! Connect with other like-minded individuals, start projects you never dreamed of and get a little help from our agents and experts to become better than before!

What Is 1 Platform Used For?

1 Platform is designed to suit your needs

  • Connect with other creatives
  • Sell merchandise, music, licences, videos and services
  • Promote your work
  • Build an online portfolio to show your best work
  • Set up a crowdfunding
  • Hire one of our agents to boost your career
  • Show all of your work on one page
  • Pick and choose what you want to do on 1 Platform

Do I Have To Create An Account To Use 1 Platform?

You don't have to have an account to use 1 Platform, however, you can only purchase products and donate to other people. To set up your page you'll need to sign up and join in the fun

Is There A mobile App For 1 Platform?

Yes, you can get our app on both apple and android platforms

Do I need A 1 Platform Account To Support A Project Or Buy A Product.

You do not need to log into the site to buy a bonus/product/song. You can enter all necessary information at checkout.

However, It is recommended that when making a purchase you should either, log in if you have an account or create one. That way you can see your purchases in your profile.

What Sort Of Products Can I Sell On 1 Platform?

1 Platform is fantastic for setting up your own store, whether you are new to it or have been selling for years.

Physical and digital products can be sold. We also have some unique options such as the ability to sell licences for your music to be used in radio, TV, film and more. You can even include the option for customers to buy stems for your track.

To add products go to my media in your profile and get started.

This will allow you to sell your music, videos, gig tickets, merchandise or more.

What Is The “My Profile” Tab?

The My Profile tab is where you can view and edit all of your personal information. You can also upload your music and set up a crowdfunder ad so much more from this menu.

You can check our T & C’s at https://www.1platform.tv/terms-and-conditions

How much Information Should I ADD To My Profile?

As much as possible, the more filled out your profile is the better it looks and we’ve found the better-looking profiles tend to get more attention from both publishers and other buyers. If you get your profile looking amazing you’ll have your media flying off the shelves.

Am I Allowed To Use My Stage Name/Band Name Instead Of My Real Name?

You are welcome to use your stage name, as we understand as an artist you may have a separate stage name from your personal name. You can change your name in "My Profile" settings located in the "Personal Info" section.

Can I Select The Genre Of My Act, And Instrument(s) Used?

Of course you can select the genre or your act, and any instrument(s) used. A guide is below;
1) Sign in to 1 Platform: www.1 Platform.tv.
2) From your "My Profile" tab, click the 'My Media Info" tab.
3) From there, click the drop down list under main skill and add where you think your main skill set lies.
4) Then add any instruments you can play using the instruments option
5) Click the drop down list next to 'Genre' here you can select from Blues to Traditional.
6) Once you're done don't forget to save your profile information.

Can I Connect Other Social Media Accounts?

Connecting your professional social media accounts is optional. You can connect them from your profile. We do recommend adding these profiles so you can increase your following easily

Will I Be Able To View My Subscribers Details?

Subscriber details are viewable in the profile updates section of my profile. In this section you will be able to view the money earned and your subscriber’s details. Here you can also thank anyone that has supported any crowdfunder you may have started

How Do I Change My Password?

Go to "My Profile" and select "Change Password" next to "Password". A pop up will appear allowing you to enter in your old password and create a new one

I Think That Someone Has Created A Fraudulent Account Or Is Pretending To Be Me.

If you are having issues with an account then please email contact@1 Platform.tv

Can I Delete My Account?

No you can't, but you can switch it to be a free account if you email us on our contact email contact@1 Platform.tv

This is so that people who bought from your page or agreed on anything with you can still access all of the relevant files/information they need

How To Get In Touch With An Issue With The Platform?

Having an issue with the website? An unnoticed bug? Page crash or site error. Email our team at contact@1 Platform.co.uk. Please give a description of what happened when the issue started and if you can provide a screenshot to help us replicate the issue ourselves

Can I Upload Any Content That Isn't Music Related?

Currently you can upload music, you can add photos to your bio and link to videos from other websites (i.e YouTube). We are working to implement the ability to upload different types of media but at the moment we are focusing on getting music perfect first

How Do I Edit The Information Of A Song Or Product Once It Is Uploaded?

To edit the information of a product or song go to "My Media" and click the pencil icon of the item you want to change to edit the information of that item

How Big Should Thumbnail Be?

When you upload a song or product then you can add a thumbnail. This might be a picture of your product or cover art for your song/album.
We recommend 500x280.

I Have Added A Song But No Buying Options Are Available?

For buying options to appear on the music you need to select licence prices when you upload your music in the profile. To edit licence prices go to "My Media" and then “Edit Music" and click the Pencil icon to edit the information of the song you want to edit

Is a Safe Payment System Used?

1 Platform uses stripe for all payment processing.

Stripe is secure by design using PCI-DSS compliance for your payments, which means each payment made and received will be stored safely and securely.

A User Bought An Item From Me, How Do I Find Their Shipping Address?

To find out shipping information go to "My Profile" and click the tab “My Sales And Purchases” then click “My Sales” to see the correct information

A User Bought An Item From Me, How Do I Find Their Shipping Address?

To find out shipping information go to "My Profile" and click the tab “My Sales And Purchases” then click “My Sales” to see the correct information

What Are Music Licenses?

When you sell your music on 1 Platform you can add prices for each music license that includes things like personal use, or use for an advert.

If someone buys a licence for your song they will buy it for that particular use. So if someone buys a licence to use in a film then they can use it for their film but not for an app. Each use of the music needs a licence.

Master and copyright buyouts can also be sold

What Is A Copyright/Master Buyout?

A Copyright/Master buyout means that the person who purchased the music has brought you out of your rights to your music.

Be very careful when having this option available if you don't want people to have ownership of your music

What Do I Need To Start A Project?

An Idea! After that you can add a video explaining your idea. After that you just need to think about what you want to offer to your project supporters as bonuses

How Do I Buy A Licence through 1 Platform?

It's easy, all you have to do is go to the user whose music you’d like to licence. From there click on their music and any song with a buy icon can be purchased. You can either buy a personal licence to use in a personal project or a licence for your commercial project. Please be aware that musicians will set their own price for licences

If I Purchase A Licence For A Song, What Can I Use It For?

Licences are use specific, such as "App". This will allow you to use the song for your app and nothing else.

If you wanted to use the same song in a film then you would have to purchase a film licence as well

How Do I Buy A Song Just For Personal Listening?

When choosing a licence you can just choose a "personal licence" which will allow you to just listen to a song. Or you can listen to it using the player on our site

Can I Buy Multiple Licences For A Song?

You can! You can add each licence that you need to the shopping cart

I Bought A Song/Licence, How Do I Get It?

When you buy a song you will receive an email from 1 Platform containing the details of your purchase. Your songs will be attached to this email

You can also find all your purchases and downloads in “my profile” the “my sales and purchases”

Are The Licences On 1 Platform Exclusive?

A Licence purchased on 1 Platform Is Non-Exclusive

How Long Will A Licence Last?

Licences purchased on 1 Platform are for perpetual use and do not need renewing. This excludes bespoke licences where the customer and creator will agree there own terms

Can I Sell My Music On 1 Platform If It's Already On Other Platforms?

Yes, you can sell music on 1 Platform, even if it is already available on I-tunes,Amazon, spotify ETC

What Prices Should I Give My Licences?

When you upload your song we will give you a recommended price list. You can choose to change this if you want by editing the prices on the edit music tab. Remember if you don't want to sell a certain licence don't add a price

We do encourage musicians to be reasonable with their prices - especially for the cost of a personal licence as this is how users listen to your song

I Co-Own A Song With Other Musicians/people. What Do I do?

If you are not the sole owner of your product/song then you must inform your co-owners that you intend to sell the song on 1 Platform. As the seller of the song, you are responsible for splitting the earnings between all parties. You cannot sell a song without written permission from all owners, otherwise, you will be breaking our terms and conditions and the law

Can I Sell A Cover Song On 1 Platform?

While you can cover a song as you wish and post it on 1 Platform. You cannot sell a cover of a song unless you have permission/agreement from the copyright owners. (i.e payment of royalties from sales etc). Otherwise, you will be breaking our terms and conditions and the law

Can I Sell A Remix Of A Song I Do Not Own?

You cannot sell a song you do not own, even a remix, unless you have written permission from the song owner. Otherwise, you will be breaking our terms and conditions and the law

Can I Sell Songs That I Do Not Own Copyright For?

If you have no rights/ownership of a song then you cannot sell it on 1 Platform. Otherwise, you will be breaking our terms and conditions and the law

What If I Don't Want To Sell Any Licences For My Song?

If you just want to sell your song so that people can listen to it, all you have to do is upload your song and only add a personal licence cost

A Personal Licence will allow someone to listen to your song as well as use it for non-commercial projects (non-profit). This is identical to people buying the song off iTunes etc

Do I Receive Royalties If I Licence A Song Through 1 Platform?

You will, but 1 Platform will not collect royalties or. You must be registered with a P.R.O. (ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC...) and it is their responsibility to collect the royalties. If you are not registered you will not receive the royalties

Do I Receive Royalties If I Licence A Song Through 1 Platform?

You will, but 1 Platform will not collect royalties or. You must be registered with a P.R.O. (ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC...) and it is their responsibility to collect the royalties. If you are not registered you will not receive the royalties

Do I need to create a project?

No, creating a project is optional on 1 Platform

Can Money Really Be Raised To Help My Musical Interest Or Career?

Yes of course! If you have a passion for your career 1 Platform can be used to raise funds to help propel your work.

Some of the things people have raised funds for is equipment, tours, even recording an album or making a book.

You can do anything and everything that will help you flourish with your media!

What Are The Different Types Of Projects?

When creating a project you can choose from three types of projects.

Charity - choose this option if you want to raise funds for a good cause. Charity Projects don't have to reach their goal to receive the funds for their project.

Flexible- With a flexible project you can raise your funds as you would normally, but you can keep the funds if you do not reach the goal. Do not choose this option if your project needs a fixed amount of money to succeed as you may find you do not have the funds to complete the project if you don't meet your goal.

Personal - With a personal project you can raise funds for your next album, music video and so on. If you do not reach your goal then you will not receive your funds. Choose this option if you can only complete your project if you reach your goal. i.e reward supporters or produce a final product

Can I Change My Crowdfunding Project Information?

Up until someone supports your project, you can edit the project information. Once someone has supported your project you will only be able to change certain information such as title, video and story. You will not be able to start a new project until your current one has finished

Who Can Donate To My Project?

Anyone can donate to your project, this could be family, friends, loved ones, and even people from across the world!

How Do I Create A Successful Project?

The secret to a great project is both a great idea and to connect your social media accounts, this will allow yourself to share with family, friends and supporters.

We also recommend using the best quality pitch video you can make as this is what will sell your project to your audience. You will be certain to gain donations from people who feel passionate about why you're raising money

What If I Wanted To Raise Money For A Friend?

You may set up the money raised to go directly into your friend’s stripe account

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Days I Can Run A Fundraising Project For?

You can run a 1 Platform Project for up to 60 days. Do not forget you can have subscribers who will provide a monthly contribution towards your projects, be sure to offer good incentives with up to 3 exciting bonuses (bonuses are incentives offered to backers in exchange for their support.)

Which Countries Can Donate?

Many countries and currencies are supported these include the United States of America ($USD), the United Kingdom (£GBP), and any European Union country that uses the Euro as their official currency (€EUR)

Is it safe to use phones to donate?

Of course, we also have an easy to use mobile compatible website to allow people to donate from any device they wish

Does It Cost Anything To Receive Donations?

It is free to join 1 Platform, and start raising funds whilst doing what you love!

However, a deduction of 5% will be taken from each donation that is received. This fee will be automatically deducted, this helps support the website and keep it as a free service. Also, a small processing fee of about 3% will also be deducted from each donation, due to the secure payment system used

Is the 5% charge compulsory across all donations?

The 5% charge is compulsory with all donations, as we give the opportunity for many users to join 1 Platform for free. The 5% helps us keep this part of our website free for everyone to use

Do contributors get charged for supporting my project?

Anyone that contributes to your project will not get charged, which means that people will only pay the amount they choose to contribute. The fee comes from the project creator

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Raise On 1 Platform?

There is no limit to your project amount. However, we encourage users to only raise the amount needed to make the goal achievable and to make the project seem credible. you can add credibility by adding videos explaining your project to people. Otherwise, users may find it difficult to trust your project.

Do remember that you can exceed your project goal

Will My Funding Stop Once I Have Reached My Goal?

When you set a project goal it will show the cost of your project. However if your project is successful and passes your goal then you will continue to raise funds

How Do I Accept Payment For A Project?

When you set up a project you will be asked to connect a stripe account. You cannot receive payments without a Stripe account so be sure to do it

How Do I Receive Money Raised?

If you are running a charity or flexible project then you will receive your money regardless of whether or not you reach your campaign goal.

If you are running a personal project then you will only receive funds if you reach your project goal.

When your campaign ends the funds will be sent to your stripe account. Please allow some time for the funds to process

How Long Will It Take To Transfer Any Money Raised?

Transfers from your stripe account can take 7 to 10 business days, you will be able to set up an automatic transfer system through your stripe account, meaning one less thing to worry about

Money Was Raised Offline Can This Be Added To Our Project?

It is not possible to add money raised offline to your online account, this gives all projects a fair chance in reaching the goal set

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On Any Money Raised?

We can not provide specific tax advice, as everyone has different circumstances. Donations on 1 Platform are considered to be a personal gift. If you would like advice on whether you will need to pay taxes for earning money online please enlist the help of a tax professional in your area

What Are Bonus Donators?

A bonus donator is someone that has supported your project by purchasing a bonus you have set

l Haven't Reached My Goal, What Happens Next?

If you are running a charity project or a flexible funding project then you will still receive your funds

If you are running a personal project then your funds will be returned to your supporters. Don't worry though, you can start a brand new project in your profile page

Do I Get Notified When Someone Donates?

When someone donates you will receive a notification on the site and in email. To thank anyone who contributes you can go to your “My Sales And Purchases” on your profile editor. You can send a thank you email from here to your project supporters

Is It Possible To Keep A Project Private?

We recommend sharing your project with family, friends, and people across the world. This will allow your project more success in reaching your goals! This also means your project is more likely to be seen by strangers from across the globe

Is It Possible For Contributors To Remain Private?

Contributors have a choice whether they would like the world to know their identities, however, as a project owner, you will always know who has supported your project. This allows rewards or updates to be given to the contributor

How will I receive updates?

To view the updates of your project you can go to your profile page. In the tab labelled “My Sales And Purchases” you can see your project updates. Including your bonuses, subscribers, product orders for your store and project supporters

You will also get various email updates on your projects for things such as project supporters

How Do I Get A Refund On A Project I Have Supported?

If you have supported a project or store item and would like to get a refund please contact the project creator that you purchased the item from. If this is a Charity or Flexible project you may not be able to get a refund as they may have already used the funds for the project. Refunds cannot be given if there is less than 24 hours before the project ends

How Many Songs Can I Have In The Chart?

You can add 1 song per account, so make sure to pick your best work to get further up the charts. You can add 1 new song each week

How Long Does The Chart Go On For?

A new winner is announced each week and then the chart is refreshed so we can start again. The chart will begin every Sunday at 12 pm

What Type Of Songs Are Allowed Into The Chart?

1 Platform chart is a place for our website users to enter a weekly cover of a song of their choosing. Cover songs of any genre are allowed. You can even cover 1 song in a totally different genre to the original. Be as creative as you want

How Long Can My Song Be In The Chart?

As long as you want! The chart runs each week and your position will update each week so one week you could be No. 1000 and the next No. 4